Live Like You Mean It

When the Message
Becomes the Mission

My name is Alicia McMane
and I’m on a mission
to turn your

I’m a motivational speaker, a certified personal trainer and a life coach for over 17 years. I’m also a wife and mother to three young boys.

For almost two decades, I’ve seen how the trends in the health and wellness industry have affected my clients.

Restriction instead of freedom.
Punishment rather than praise.
Workout rather than
Play. All. Out.

I see us collectively standing on the edge of a revolution in the way we care for our bodies, our minds and our hearts. I see how our diets and our dieting, our obsessions and our obsessing have hurt the mindsets and self-worth of not only ourselves but also our children. 

I’m here to show you that YES, there’s another way to live.


What I Do

live like you mean it

Fitness ​

I train people to accept where they’re at and then harness their desire and power in transforming their minds, bodies and hearts while having a damn good time doing it.

Life Coaching​

I coach clients to understand they’re here to create lives based on self-worth, recognize they’re more than their body parts, know what they stand for and what they don’t.

live like you mean it coaching
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I create inspiring talks and experiences for school PE classes, retreats, groups and organizations that catalyze clarity, movement and transformation in people’s personal and professional lives.

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Are you ready to play?
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Get to Know Me

I inspire others to move with purpose and passion, show up for themselves as powerful agents of change and enjoy living their life like they absolutely, flipping mean it.

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