Life Coaching

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I want you to know. We all need support.

I want you to know.
We all need support.

I have spent almost two decades learning to help others achieve their fitness goals, but sometimes fitness is not all about how many classes you attend or how many squats you do.

Sometimes we need to talk things out with someone so that we can gain clarity, insights and direction about what’s holding us back or weighing us down in our relationships, our well-being, and our life choices.

Being able to offer this type of larger support was one of the reasons I became a life coach. I saw that my clients would sometimes stop during a workout just so they could talk about something that they needed to release.

My goal is that after a session, you feel confident, lighter, and more energized to live your life in a way that feels good to you.

Life Coaching Sessions and Packages

Your coaching package is 100% unique to you because I know that you and your life circumstances are unique. Before working together, we will have an in-depth conversation to get clear on your goals and make a plan to achieve those goals in a way that is practical and in alignment with you and your life.

1 session @ $40
10 sessions @ $350
20 sessions @ $600

All sessions are 30 minutes long and can be done in-person, online or on the phone.

Packages of sessions are valid for one year from purchase.

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