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Alicia is very knowledgeable and motivating. I love her variety of workouts because she makes each workout enjoyable and challenging. Alicia pushes me to limits I would never achieve on my own and because of this I feel stronger than ever!
Karla Fleming
I have been training with Alicia for years! She is the best trainer I have ever had, and manages to make it fun and informative. She has extensive experience, and an endless variety of routines and exercises to keep up interest and prevent fatigue and boredom.
Golden, Colorado

I have known Alicia for about 12 years. I have had the pleasure of watching our children grow up together and live in a community calling her neighbor, whether it’s down the street our outside town. She’s been a friend, confidant and peer that I have admired over the years. Most recent I had the pleasure of hearing Alicia speak at a Rural Women in Business Conference we attended hosted by our local Chamber of Commerce. In thinking of how I thought I knew Alicia, I was introduced to a different side of her and found her words so inspiring and real. Alicia is a “normal” person just like the rest of us. She juggling a family, career and life and her words reaffirm it’s the same for us all, no matter our walks of life. Having enjoying an experiential burst with a taste of her pound class was so much fun, really exhilarating and something I could see myself enjoying. Looking around at the smiling faces that day, Alicia did that. Even when she’s not on stage, she does that.

Tennelle Gilfoil

Alicia has been our Boot Camp instructor for nearly 10 years. She is capable of adapting to outdoor park settings or indoor gymnasium use. Her workouts are a mix of cardio, strength training and stretching. She varies every workout every week, so no muscle group is used back to back. Her workouts are always challenging yet doable. She is great at providing alternative exercises or modifications if participants have the need. Alicia is great at giving advice or nutrition recommendations. She has great knowledge of the body and kinesthetics and will address issues her students bring to her. I have enjoyed her classes and look forward to them weekly. I would highly recommend her classes to improve overall health and fitness.
The Vangs
I finally made the decision to invest in myself and be healthier. Alicia is a wonderful motivator and encourager. Her classes always challenge me yet still accommodate to work at anyone’s level. Alicia encourages me to just go for it and try all the moves. Alicia provides a great balance between making the workouts fun but still tough enough that you see results. She always keeps me engaged by mixing things up, so I never get complacent. I am excited to get to the next class to see what you have up her sleeve!! Thank you, Alicia, for helping me build my strength, balance, well-being and my confidence.

Life changing!! I have been attending Alicia’s classes for about 9 months now. Her classes are just amazing! I absolutely LOVE both the boot camp and the Pound classes. I would try anything she offered. All classes are always extremely welcoming and there has never been that feeling of judgement I’ve found in other experiences. Anybody is welcome, at any stage of their journey in life! And I just love that.

Another major reason I attend (& actually started) is that my kids can come with me to the morning boot camps!! Some days they play with other kids that have come. Some days they’re my “weights”!! But they are actually welcome and they feel that. And my goodness, they just adore Alicia!! I also believe that it’s so valuable for them to watch and know early that an active lifestyle is super important!! And fun!!

Alicia is beyond kind and approachable, totally dispelling any misconceptions I had about being yelled at in a boot camp class! She is a genuine human being with a big heart and an amazing view on an active lifestyle! I’m so happy to have found Alicia. I have more energy, I have more confidence in myself and I look forward to every single class every single time. Thank you so much for all you do, Alicia! You make me want to Live Like I Mean It.

Sarah Baillie

Alicia is an amazing person. Not only do her workouts keep me feeling strong, accomplished and motivated they give me a “good sore” the next day. Alicia’s confidence in me has made me mentally stronger. In the last two years working with her, I have gained confidence in myself and my ability to do more than I thought mentally possible. I am so thankful for all her classes and Alicia as a person. Thank you, Alicia, for helping me shed inches in a fun, motivating way, while building my self-worth and strength back into my life.
Krista Bernard
Crossfield, Alberta
POUND by Alicia McMane was engaging and fun for all my grade 5 students. POUND fit in perfectly within the physical education curriculum and taught students focus, coordination, physical fitness and teamwork skills. The songs and movements were motivating and built students confidence and strength. Alicia was a great instructor. She knew how to interact with both students and staff and motivated all. I highly recommend POUND by Alicia McMane.
Kailyn Stengler
Grade 5 Teacher, Crossfield Elementary
I have been attending Alicia's Bootcamp classes for a number of years now. Alicia makes her classes enjoyable and provides well-planned, various activities to combine strength and cardio exercises. Alicia is incredibly knowledgeable about various muscle groups and modifying exercises to best suit ability levels to ensure safe and effective workouts. I feel comfortable trusting Alicia to guide me in both physical and emotional growth endeavours. Alicia is encouraging and approachable, offering guidance and suggestions to make positive lifestyle changes to meet my goals. Pound is a great way to work out without feeling like you're exercising! It is easy to get wrapped up in the choreography and music that you forget that you are working major muscle groups and improving cardio endurance! Pound combines exercise, dance, drumming and fun!
Grade 4 teacher. Crossfield
Alicia has worked with me for a long time and understands my personal training needs and difficulties. She has always found a way to work around my injuries and helped with recovery. I feel that she has a lot of knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and that brings an awareness to all my workout needs!

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